Bad Credit Van Finance and Van Loans

Bad credit van finance and van loans. A less than perfect credit rating, as determined by either Experian or Equifax is the primary reason an individual is refused car finance. Listed below are possible reasons an individual may have a bad credit rating:

• Any County Court Judgments (CCJs) that are still recorded
• A history of regular missed and/or late payments
• Defaults on previous finance agreements
• A previous bankruptcy that is still recorded
• No previous credit history (normally effecting a young person)
• No fixed address/or no electoral roll recordeds
• No full time employment (although some lenders will consider benefits)

All these situations would be factored into a credit rating and be part of the credit history. If this applies to you, then your best option may be to use a company that specialises in finding deals for people with bad credit, and we have built excellent relationships with a raft of such companies.